collaborative journey 2

For the second part of this experiment, we decided to create a full day journey, starting on Friday November 9th at 8 a.m.

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collaborative journey 1

We finally have all the pictures of our 2 collaborative journeys together!

Here’s the first journey..Thursday November 8th from 10 a.m to 8 p.m.

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afternoon meeting

As we were discussing this afternoon, we all agreed on the idea of having a main structure with sub-structures showing the design process. We had a discussion concerning the main structure, how we want to make the interior and exterior and decided that for now, our aim (for the outside) is to collaborate and add our stuff on the outside of the structure. As for the inside, we decided to keep it as simple as possible, so the audience can focus on the smaller boxes/shapes we’re going to have.

The next step should be thinking about the content of each one of the boxes/shapes/objects, how they’re gonna relate to design as a process and how we can use the experiments we’ve already done during the past few weeks to develop this. Do we have any theme we want to focus on? and how are we gonna reflect our idea about what design is using these shapes?

We decided to do some initial sketches and post them here before next week so we can discuss them on tuesday and see how it’s all gonna come together.

Finally, we agreed that each one of us should post here some ideas of how we can make the interior of our structure, what this structure is going to be and how it will be designed.

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exhibition idea

This morning, Hazel, Barry, Fatima and I were sharing some ideas for the exhibition based on our main manifesto ‘line’: Design is a never-ending process.

Basically, we thought that our exhibition piece should show our main idea/purpose, be interactive, simple and somehow relates to each one of us. The main idea we all agreed on and thought we could develop further in the next few weeks we still have is having a basic huge structure that the viewer can go inside. Inside this structure/’boxes’, we can have smaller ‘boxes’ fitting inside each other, all representing the process we’ve been going through and the last box can have sticky notes all around and pens and pencils inside it. So the viewer can actually write/draw/… anything and stick them on the walls of the structure; that way he/she will be part of the process; interacting with our ‘piece’ of work and the huge structure will keep on changing and developing. Also, everyone can get to contribute and design one of the ‘boxes’.

Below are some first sketches that explain this idea..I also attached a picture of the Russian dolls so you can visualize how each designed box is going to be inside the other, how when you open one of them, another one will be revealed.



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Water light graffeti

Here is a video that shows people doing water light graffiti. The idea is that people paint, spray or draw with water to create drawing or writing on the wall. The water triggers lights which displays what has been drawn, I think it is a great idea because it can change, everyone can contribute and it looks great.

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Drawing inspiration!

Here is a step by step process of drawing, it is also personal because it is formed by the shape of their hand.

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It has been amazing experiences in the past few weeks.

We discussed the list of designs we love and hate and went deeper researching about WHAT IS DESIGN. Through our the experimental projects such as writing story, taking imageries creating narrative, cooking … we find design is everywhere in our life. In fact anyone can be a designer, anyone is a designer, but we do need training, research and practice to be a professional designer.

There are still a few weeks before our exhibition, but I do think it does ‘t hurt to planing ahead about the project now as we might come out a lot of ideas, and cancel so many.

My first amateur suggestion is: back to craft shift, do a Muppet Show!!

We can create each character base on our own personal philosophy, telling story, making backdrop… all areas of design could be touched. It can be simple, can be build up complicated as well.

Before we do any of these, I guess we should sit down and talk about our own design philosophy and practical methodology first, shall we?


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Food for thought

I saw this passage on a website and thought it would be great to share, to make everybody get thinking about how we can combine our skills to create our exhibition piece.



Re: Multidisciplinary activities
An emerging “polyglot” movement
As the future way of working,
And new ways of looking at things.
It is possible
To express a brand
To tell a story
To create an experience
In a unique way
Through space, books, sound, motion, even smell…
To move people intellectually and emotionally
With beauty, simplicity, and clarity.

It’s time to communicate
beyond traditional media.

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Design Process in our everyday life

Hi all

It was a such fun that we cooked and ate together.

I kind of tried to summarize what we have done so far and what will be next.

We initially started with wearing process from our everyday objects.

And writing and cooking and eating.

All those behaviors are all the part of our everyday life which is ongoing.

Finding the a clue of design in our everyday pocess would be our focus.

As we have done wearing, writting, cooking and eating, what would be the next step we can experiment collectively?


I would suggest that having a party on next Tuesday as we dont have a lecture. In addition to the collective drawings we can create an object from what we experienced during party. If you all like my idea i will invite you to my place on next Tuesday at 2-6pm.




Drinking/having party would be our subject next week in some other place

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