Today’s meeting

During today’s meeting, we focused more on our ideas, the main space we want to have and the boxes themselves as well as how we want to present them. Here are the main points we discussed and agreed on:

- the large box should be 2x2m (but may change according to the space we’re going to get at the exhibition). We want it to look like a real box from the outside so the audience can get the feel that they’re actually going to go in a box, make it look like a box that is going to be shipped somewhere. On the other hand, we decided to keep it simple white from the inside so the focus will be on the sticky notes and the projection we’re going to have

- we will only use/design one side for our massive box, the remaining sides will be used for other projects

- the projection will be like a short animation of the process of opening the boxes and moving them around

- a message will be added somewhere on the large box explaining the process of going into the box and that the audience is free to move the boxes around or not

-  we will have a series of holes on each box designed in a way so you can actually have a peek and try to see/find out what’s inside the smallest box.

- all the boxes should work together but also stand on their own.

As for the design of the boxes, here are the ideas that were discussed;

- Yara: as mentioned in a previous post, either a simple box with some patterns related to a certain culture that can function as a small table or seat or a purely typographical box having a certain message that we want to give to the audience

- Hazel: as mentioned in a previous post, a memory foam box; people will leave like a mark on it or have it more interactive, like a game

- Barry: as mentioned in a previous post, a jacket serving as ‘box’ that you can open to see what’s inside

- Fatima: use objects from everyday life or things ‘I’ collect to shape the box

- Luzy had a concern that we have too much boxes and that it might be better to only have 1 box with the post-its and pens but we rediscussed this and got to the point that our project is all about the ongoing process and interactivity with the audience so we definitely need to have more than one.

- Maria: tricky box with a illustrations of a face (related to a certain culture) on the outside

- Bez: as the whole project is taking a more personal/everyday life direction (we already have a body shape, face, hand and language), all these can be contained in like a mini-house structure

- Xin: feeling of being like a fish inside the water, the the box would be like a projection of this

- Inae: making the box as a puzzle.

Finally, we agreed on the ideas we are going to adapt since we thought that 6 boxes would be more reasonable and divided the work between us so each one can have 1 thing to focus more on (please check them in the previous post).


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Experimental Recipe 1 – pics

Please excuse the tardiness of this post, but since we are no longer including these exercises in our final exhibition, it should at least go on the blog! I had about 200 photos in total so I had to try and edit them down but still keep enough to keep our steps clear! These are the photos from our soup making session.


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Next steps..

As we discussed this morning, we should start thinking more in details and start testing our ideas for next week. And as we agreed, here is the way we decided to divide the work between us;

- Xin and Karat: sketches for Box 1 (the outer part- roughly 2x2m) and think more about what materials we can to use.

As for the other boxes, we should do some sketches and it would be great if we can do some mock ups so we can make sure that our project is going to work well. (The dimensions I’m mentioning below still need to be checked and tested so all the boxes can fit inside each other in a logical way.)

- Bez: Box 2 – 70x70cm

- Barry: Box 3 – 50x50cm

- Maria: Box 4 – 40x30cm

- Yara: Box 5 – 30x25cm

- Hazel: Box 6 – 20x20cm

- Inae: Box 7 – 10x10cm

- Fatima: technical drawing / sections so we can show how we want our project to look like (just simple line drawings for now).

- Luzy: start sketches for the animation (rough illustrations of the stickman that is going in the first box and then opening the boxes etc.) to help understanding our project.

And of course, all these should be based on the ideas we dicussed during today’s meeting.

If anyone wants to add anything or think can help or have ideas that might help someone else it would be great to post them here before next week that way we will have a better ‘outcome’ and could actually have a well detailed and structured idea before Christmas!

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Jacket sculpture inspiration


Turkish fashion designer Bahar Korçan incorporates clothing and video into her reflection on her experiences in Istanbul’s transforming Galata district.

this is the inspiration of my box– making the box in human body form


from a technical point of view, i could sculpture human form (dummy) with Plaster, paint it like a jacket

just to give you an idea of displaying clothes have the potential of being a structured box

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The box as a game

I like the idea that the box is a game so it is interactive.  The visitor will play with one box, then when finished will open the box to see what the next layer is.

I like the idea that the shapes could be in the box around this one and then they will be posted through to the next layer, so when you open ths box you will find the shapes that the have been posted through the correct holes.

This picture is to represent the guessing game, where their is a hole in the box for you to put your hand through and you to guess what is inside. This is a great way for the visitor to interact with the exhibition. The box inside could be the thing thay are trying to guess, so it would have to be a box that was interesting to touch.

The idea behind this is that the box has some kind of wheel on it, so maybe this is the way that the box is opened so that spinning wheel could be some sort of combination that needs to be figured out before you can get to the next box.

This game is from my childhood where you use your fingers to move the shape and then you pick one of the sides to fold open, to get the the next layer where something else is written. This isn’t a box shape, but if there is a way to make a box where you have to fold back one side to create a new shape and to follow the story of what is written. When I was little we used have a theme and then you would ask questions and pick a side to see what the answer was.


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Ways to open a box

The box has to be functional as it needs to be opened to get to the next box, so I started thinking about how I would want to open my box.

I like the ideas of sliding the lid off the box, it is simple and it also means you gradually see what is inside.

I like the idea that the lid could have a handle and be lifted off, it is like you are being presented with what is inside.

I like this idea more, as it is the next step of the example above. By taking the lid off you are still being presented by what is inside because the sides fall open, presenting the box inside.

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Impression Box

So thinking about what I would like my box to be like, I would like the surface of the box to be made of something that when touched by the visitor they leave their impression on the box. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an impression that stays, but something where they have contributed to changing the exhibition.

Memory foam, when the visitor picks up the box and handles it, their handprint will be left on the surface. However it will slowly disappear so the box is forever changing.

Below is another way to create an impression on the box, in certain positions the handprint will stay, but if moved then the nails will move too, so again the surface of the box will always be changing and the visitor contributing.

I will try and think of other materials to use as the surface of the box, below are impressions on wet sand, another material that is easy to manipulate is clay, but both of these materials may have problems when in an environment that a lot of people are touching it.

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Thoughts & inspiration

I had some thoughts concerning the inside design of our project. I think that the following picture represents how our space might look like after being ‘visited’ and ‘edited’ by the audience.

I also thought about how one of the boxes may look like and some of the points I want to focus on while designing it; I want to keep simple though functional, personal but also somehow interactive (and of course that’s only if each one of us is going to work on a ‘box’ separately).

I think that this box made of simple cardboard is very useful, either for storage or maybe to serve as a small table or even a ‘seat’.

To make it more personal, maybe I can add some patterns that relate to my own culture.

Another idea is to create the ‘box’ in a letter shape, more precisely an Arabic letter that can also serve as a storage box(I couldn’t find an appropriate image for an Arabic letter to show my idea so here’re some boxes made using latin letters).

Or even a simple typographic box where typography can be used to tell a certain story.

And finally, I noted some ideas that we can consider; maybe we can design each one of the boxes to fit in one of the criteria we had on our love list, or have each one of them have a different message that we want to share about what we think design is before getting to the final box.

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While thinking about how I would see the interior of our space and how I would design 1 of the ‘boxes’, I noted some things that I think we should take into consideration while developing our project.

First, concerning the large box;

• What are the dimensions/scale we’re going to work with? We already discussed this but I think we should check the exhibition space tomorrow so we can decide where and how we’re going to ‘build’ our space; and if it’s feasible or not.

• Do we want to include any sounds/textures/lights/effects.. so the space would be like a whole new experience the audience will get involved with?                      I think this applies to both the large space and the smaller boxes we’re going to design.

Second, concerning the small ‘boxes’;

• we should think more about Bez’s concern that 10 boxes might be quite a lot and that some people might stop looking for what’s next.

• how are we going to display them?

• if 2 persons or more got in the space at the same time or directly after each other…only the first one will actually get to open the boxes and find out what’s in the last one and the process we’re going to show from a ‘box’ to another; so will the others still be involved in the process if they only see those ‘boxes’ out of their original place? or more precisely see them the way the person before displayed them/changed their original place? So maybe it would be like a continuos process having all the boxes ‘next to each other’ and people will just move around them and maybe change their places again? or they will get involved only in the part of writing/drawing/.. on the sticky notes?

Please add any notes/concerns you might have so we can discuss them all tomorrow and move on to the next steps. :)

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How to make a box difficult to open

Thinking about ways to open a box, lets not make it too difficult for people to open our box designs.

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