Holes connection

Image from Frankfurt museum of modern art.

Not quite explain what we are going to make as a connection through out all boxes yet, but it might be a different example of the linking the space/objects concept.

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Two other image of the house box

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House within a box_Schalulager

This is the architecture that I mentioned last week, Schalulager in Basel designed by architects Herzog & De Meuron who designed Tate Modern.

It is an exhibition space, but in front of the huge box, there is a small house for human scale.

The difference between two objects give certain tension as a more meaningful space and provide more active behaviors.

I would consider this kind of abstract house as our the second box.

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Box 5

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the ideas i m thinking of for the box related to language is having a letter-shaped box. And going back to our initial love list, I wanted to include some of the points we had like functionality, simplicity, sustainability and the relation to a certain culture. So I started looking back at the alphabet in both latin and arabic and decided to choose the lowercase letter ‘e’ that, if flipped horizontally, will be read as a ‘waw’ (an Arabic letter).

The other idea I have for this box is having it as a ‘normal’ simple box , but having typography all around, maybe use the story we wrote in one of our experiments or just write sentences about what we think about design or anything else we all agree on.

Below are the first sketches of both ideas for the box that can also be used as a storage box or mini-table so it would be related to both type and product design.

The material I’m thinking of using for both ideas is thick craft cardboard.



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Friday discussed


Here is my sketch about our discussed on friday.

This is the sequences of boxes and dimension but I’m not sure about dimension will be fit to space in exhibition or not. We can ask tutor on Tuesday.

And this is options of post-it and drawing because Yara had an idea that may be in the last small box might have a pencil/pen to write on the wall.

And me and fatima concern about box’s exterior that may be we can leave it plain/white exterior and leave space for entrance when many people come to see inside also have a bit direction how to play with our boxes (just drawing line) because I think if box’s concept is our different fields can collaborate the process together then I think the big box doesn’t necessary to design anything. It’s save for people who come to see inside because if we wrap vinyl and make a door or use some material, I’m not sure that it might be collapse and also vinyl looks cheap even they have many kind of vinyl.

So that’s it. And shall we meet up 09:30 am. before class to make box’s mock-up to present to tutor?


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Sketches and materials

As we discussed yesterday, we’ve to get our sketches and materials on tuesday morning so we can work all together on 1:2 or 1:3 scale mock-ups (except for the first massive box since we’re still discussing it).We should also think more about the colors we’re going to use for each one of the boxes so they don’t look odd when put next to each other. I’m glad that we were able to find solutions that we all agreed on for most of the concerns some of us had:)


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Hey guys,

Now I’m thinking about the concept of our exhibition. I think the design process is steps that form the final design like 1.brief 2.research & observation 3.brainstorm 4.execute ideas 5.design 6.feedback 7.development and 8.final piece. Those thing are link with each other. So that’s why I think we should find out how to link the ideas between each box because I’m not sure that the tutor might ask about that. And why each box is difference? also why you have to place those boxes in the order like that?

I don’t know. What are you thinking?


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Crate and body ideas

Here are a few different crate boxes to get an idea of what the outside box will look like.

Researching in how to sculpt a body shape I came across this body furniture, is a hollow shape and it looks great however I think we would need an expert to make something like this.

So I looked into how we could create the body with plaster of paris and I have put a link below of a step by step.


The key material we need apart form Plaster of Paris is chicken wire, it is lightweight and flexible, so it is easy to shape and the Plaster of Paris will will bond with it. Here are a few creative ideas with chicken wire.

This is very detailed, however it isn’t a hollow structure. Below is a better example of the free standing hollow structure we would create with the chicken wire.

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Memory foam box

After todays meeting I have started looking into where I can buy the memory foam for one of the boxes. I have managed to find this website that will give you a quote for the dimensions you require. I have selected two types of shapes and the measurements  that we think we are going to use. Let me know which shape you think will be best, or look at the other shapes they have to offer and let me know which you think is best.

This is a semicircle shape, as I thought that it would be a good shape to grab therefore make a prominent impression of the hand. The only trouble is that we will have to cut out the middle ourselves so that another box can be put inside.

This is a shape that can be cut to our requirements, all we have to do is email them a drawing, therfore we could ask them to cut the middle out so we could have a hallow shape.

This is the link for the website so just let me know what you think.


Below are my initial rough sketches of ideas for the memory foam box.



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Experimental Recipe 2 – pics

And this was our cake! We had all decided the week before that we were going to make a cake and a soup. Each member brought in an ingredient for each without knowing what the others would bring. The idea behind this exercise was that we could create something with unknown ingredients in a collaborative manner. We looked at everything and discussed how we could possibly make it work, a good example was the idea to use the apple juice as the stock for the soup. For the cake, we used a standard sponge cake as a base, and used the same principles as we had for the soup, but to decorate a cake instead.

This relates to design in the sense that we often find ourselves adapting to what we are given. Sometimes you need to edit your design according to specific requirements, but at the end of the day it still remains functional (or in this case, edible!)


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