While thinking about how I would see the interior of our space and how I would design 1 of the ‘boxes’, I noted some things that I think we should take into consideration while developing our project.

First, concerning the large box;

• What are the dimensions/scale we’re going to work with? We already discussed this but I think we should check the exhibition space tomorrow so we can decide where and how we’re going to ‘build’ our space; and if it’s feasible or not.

• Do we want to include any sounds/textures/lights/effects.. so the space would be like a whole new experience the audience will get involved with?                      I think this applies to both the large space and the smaller boxes we’re going to design.

Second, concerning the small ‘boxes’;

• we should think more about Bez’s concern that 10 boxes might be quite a lot and that some people might stop looking for what’s next.

• how are we going to display them?

• if 2 persons or more got in the space at the same time or directly after each other…only the first one will actually get to open the boxes and find out what’s in the last one and the process we’re going to show from a ‘box’ to another; so will the others still be involved in the process if they only see those ‘boxes’ out of their original place? or more precisely see them the way the person before displayed them/changed their original place? So maybe it would be like a continuos process having all the boxes ‘next to each other’ and people will just move around them and maybe change their places again? or they will get involved only in the part of writing/drawing/.. on the sticky notes?

Please add any notes/concerns you might have so we can discuss them all tomorrow and move on to the next steps. :)

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