Thoughts & inspiration

I had some thoughts concerning the inside design of our project. I think that the following picture represents how our space might look like after being ‘visited’ and ‘edited’ by the audience.

I also thought about how one of the boxes may look like and some of the points I want to focus on while designing it; I want to keep simple though functional, personal but also somehow interactive (and of course that’s only if each one of us is going to work on a ‘box’ separately).

I think that this box made of simple cardboard is very useful, either for storage or maybe to serve as a small table or even a ‘seat’.

To make it more personal, maybe I can add some patterns that relate to my own culture.

Another idea is to create the ‘box’ in a letter shape, more precisely an Arabic letter that can also serve as a storage box(I couldn’t find an appropriate image for an Arabic letter to show my idea so here’re some boxes made using latin letters).

Or even a simple typographic box where typography can be used to tell a certain story.

And finally, I noted some ideas that we can consider; maybe we can design each one of the boxes to fit in one of the criteria we had on our love list, or have each one of them have a different message that we want to share about what we think design is before getting to the final box.

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