Next steps..

As we discussed this morning, we should start thinking more in details and start testing our ideas for next week. And as we agreed, here is the way we decided to divide the work between us;

- Xin and Karat: sketches for Box 1 (the outer part- roughly 2x2m) and think more about what materials we can to use.

As for the other boxes, we should do some sketches and it would be great if we can do some mock ups so we can make sure that our project is going to work well. (The dimensions I’m mentioning below still need to be checked and tested so all the boxes can fit inside each other in a logical way.)

- Bez: Box 2 – 70x70cm

- Barry: Box 3 – 50x50cm

- Maria: Box 4 – 40x30cm

- Yara: Box 5 – 30x25cm

- Hazel: Box 6 – 20x20cm

- Inae: Box 7 – 10x10cm

- Fatima: technical drawing / sections so we can show how we want our project to look like (just simple line drawings for now).

- Luzy: start sketches for the animation (rough illustrations of the stickman that is going in the first box and then opening the boxes etc.) to help understanding our project.

And of course, all these should be based on the ideas we dicussed during today’s meeting.

If anyone wants to add anything or think can help or have ideas that might help someone else it would be great to post them here before next week that way we will have a better ‘outcome’ and could actually have a well detailed and structured idea before Christmas!

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