Jacket sculpture inspiration


Turkish fashion designer Bahar Kor├žan incorporates clothing and video into her reflection on her experiences in Istanbul’s transforming Galata district.

this is the inspiration of my box– making the box in human body form


from a technical point of view, i could sculpture human form (dummy) with Plaster, paint it like a jacket

just to give you an idea of displaying clothes have the potential of being a structured box

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  1. I just checked the link Hazel posted on how to sculpt with plaster of Paris; it looks quite easy but we should definitely start trying it on a mini-scale asap so we can make sure that it’s gonna work well and that it’s feasible, specially that it is a large scale sculpture and it’s only the 3rd box so we want it to work really well..and i’m pretty sure that if the material works as we want it’s gonna look great once painted and finalised! :)
    I was also thinking about the way it’s gonna open and I think that opening it as a jacket might not be feasible, so maybe we can can split it in two parts and one of them would be like the ‘cover’ that can be removed to see the box inside, like a huge pocket maybe?

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