The box as a game

I like the idea that the box is a game so it is interactive.  The visitor will play with one box, then when finished will open the box to see what the next layer is.

I like the idea that the shapes could be in the box around this one and then they will be posted through to the next layer, so when you open ths box you will find the shapes that the have been posted through the correct holes.

This picture is to represent the guessing game, where their is a hole in the box for you to put your hand through and you to guess what is inside. This is a great way for the visitor to interact with the exhibition. The box inside could be the thing thay are trying to guess, so it would have to be a box that was interesting to touch.

The idea behind this is that the box has some kind of wheel on it, so maybe this is the way that the box is opened so that spinning wheel could be some sort of combination that needs to be figured out before you can get to the next box.

This game is from my childhood where you use your fingers to move the shape and then you pick one of the sides to fold open, to get the the next layer where something else is written. This isn’t a box shape, but if there is a way to make a box where you have to fold back one side to create a new shape and to follow the story of what is written. When I was little we used have a theme and then you would ask questions and pick a side to see what the answer was.


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